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Oak Lawn Three-Bay Vehicle Barn Plans - Expandable


Shelter three cars, trucks or tractors in the Oak Lawn Three-Bay Vehicle Barn. These free plans help you build yours in a variety of widths. There are full stairs to a big storage loft, or you can use space-saving pull-down stairs. Leave space on the side of this building. A variety of optional side sheds let you expand this structure as your needs grow. Construction of this building uses standard 2x6 studs and 2x8 roof rafters.



Front View



Floor Plan


Oak Lawn Car Barn with an add-on Storage or Workshop Shed




The plan set that you can download can help you build a 36', 38' or 40' wide three-bay, barn-style garage now and expand it later. Or, you can build your garage with  four parking bays right away. Or, you can add side storage or workshop spaces. Or, you can build just the two-bay Main Building and expand it later. There's a full staircase to a storage loft, or you can install space-saving pull-down stairs. There's an outside loft door and lift-post to help you store bulky items upstairs. Or you can substitute a dormer window. The extra side bays are easy-to-build shed-roof structures. You can easily reverse the standard floor plan if that works better for your property. You can match your home's siding and roof materials or use vertical board siding and barn-style details that are included. All of the options and add-ons let you customize your building now or any time in the future.




Heights: Main Building Ridge Height - 24'-4", Main Building Side-Wall Height - 12'-0", Main Building Ceiling Height - 9'-4", Loft Height at center: 8'-2", Loft Height at the eave-side outside walls: 1'-9", Expansion Shed Side-Wall Height - 8'-1", Roof Pitch of Main Building: 12/12, Roof Pitch of Expansion Sheds: 3/12


Mean Roof Height: 18'-2" (Most Building Departments will accept the Mean Roof Height as the overall height for sloped roof buildings)


Doors: Vehicle doors on the Main Building can be 8' or 9 wide and 7' or 8' high. Vehicle doors on the Expansion Sheds are 8' wide and 7' high.


Main Building Areas: 24'x24' - 576 SF, 24'x26' - 624 SF, 24'x28' - 672 SF


Expansion Garage Areas: 12'x24' - 288 SF


All layouts include a storage loft of the same area as the Main Building, with access by a full staircase or pull-down stairs.



What's Included on the plans?


1/4" Scale Floor Plans

1/4" Scale Roof and Loft Framing Plans

1/4" Scale Exterior Elevations

1/4" Scale Building Section

Builder's Specifications


3/4" Scale Wall Sections

1" Scale Footing Details

Structural Frame Isometric

Door & Window Framing Details

Expansion Shed Drawings


The plan set that you'll receive includes optional foundation and slab details to suit your needs. They include drawings for a variety of options and expansion sheds. Material lists may be printed below.


 About downloading these plans


You'll have almost immediate access to your plans on an Adobe Acrobat (PDF) file that you can print on your computer's printer. You'll need a copy of the Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you don't have one already, you can download a free copy now.


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The plans are a multi-page file. Please allow a few minutes for them to download to your computer.




Have these plans reviewed by your building department or by an experienced building professional who knows local conditions before you purchase materials or start to build. The design and the plans may have to be modified by a local professional to suit your site's conditions, building and zoning codes and weather requirements.


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