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Free Homestead Building Plans: Chicken Coops; Greenhouses; Smokehouses; Outbuildings; Workshops and Small Barns

Are you building or expanding a homestead or small farm? Here are some building plans and do-it-yourself guides that should help. Learn how to build your own chicken coop or chicken tractor. Get hints on how to raise chickens. Find practical plans for greenhouses, hoop houses, cold frames, smoke houses and more. And, follow links to our lists of hundreds of free barn, garage and workshop plans.

Free Chicken Coop Plans, Chicken Tractor Plans, Pasture Pen Designs and Backyard Chicken Care Guides Free Homestead Outbuilding Plans: Chicken Coops; Greenhouses; Smokehouses; Workshops; Small Barns and More Free Homestead and Small farm Outbuilding Plans: Chicken Coops; Greenhouses; Smokehouses; Workshops; Small Barns and More

Chicken Coop Plans   Chicken Tractor and Pasture Pen Plans  

Greenhouse, Hoop House and Coldframe Plans  Smokehouse Plans  Farmstead Outbuilding Plans  Small Barn Plans   Workshop Plans  More Free Building Plans 




Free Chicken Coop Plans and Chicken Care Guides

Chicken Coop Designs at  Get design ideas and free building plans for over five hundred different chicken coops. You'll find small, medium and large coops, practical and zany designs and plain and fancy chicken houses and hutches. You'll also find that many of the designs are accompanied by plans and step-by-step instructions to help you build your own.

A Coop For From Eight to Sixteen Hens  This big, practical hen house is offered in free building plans by  

Mammy's 1895 Chicken Coop Plans  This 8'x16' chicken house and 20'x20' yard is big enough for all the chickens a homestead would need. It has built-in roosting poles and nesting boxes. Drop-thru perches make clean up easy. Tarter Farm and Ranch Equipment offers free plans based on an original 1895 Kentucky farmstead coop.

Automatic Chicken Feeder and Waterer Designs at  Get design ideas and free building plans for any of thirty-eight clever designs for automatic waterers and feeders for your chickens. You'll find a variety of practical and useful ideas. You'll also find illustrated instructons to help you build your own.

Free Chicken Coop Plans from  Build from free chicken coop, chicken tractor and nesting box plans. These little buildings are all designed to be practical, inexpensive to build and easy-to-use.

How to Raise Chickens  Learn how to raise and care for chickens and how to have fresh eggs from your own backyard, even in the city or suburbs. Enjoy these ten top free online guides.

Chicken Coops  Find dozens of designs, detailed building plans, design ideas and hints that will help you raise and care for chickens at Living Green & Frugally.

Free Chicken Coop and Nesting Box Plans and Design Ideas  Build your own chicken coop for fresh eggs from your own backyard. Check out these twenty free online plans and building guides.

Poultry Barn Designs from North Dakota State University Agricultural Extension Service  Download free design plans and building details for seventy-four different large scale chicken houses and brooder barns.



Backyard Chicken Coop Plans

How to Build a Backyard Chicken Coop  Get detailed, illustrated step-by-step instructions on how to build an assortment of permanent and portable chicken coops for your yard. Learn how to care for your hens and how to have your own fresh organic eggs everyday.


Free Chicken Tractor and Pasture Pen Plans

Chicken Tractor Designs at  Call them what you will, chicken tractors, mobile coops or pasture pens let you move your hens safely around your yard to feed on seeds and bugs and to fertilize your lawn and gardens. Find design ideas and free building plans for any of sixty-four pasture pens and portable coops or your chickens.

Free Chicken Pasture Pen Plans from  Get instant download plans for three different, lightweight chicken pasture pens built with easy, inexpensive PVC pipe.

Chicken Tractor and Pasture Pen Building Guides by Mother Earth News Magazine  Learn how to construct a small, moveable home for chickens with diagrams and step-by-step instructions by Steve Maxwell. Or, check out the Mighty Chicken-Mobile coop, which is perfect for backyard poultry enthusiasts who want to keep just a few chickens in a safe environment.




Free Greenhouse, Hoop House and Cold Frame Plans

Barn-Style Greenhouse Plans from  Use this practical 10'-6"x12'  building as your greenhouse in the Spring and to store your outdoor furniture safely out of the weather in Winter. Ana White's online plans include step-by-step building instructions.

Greenhouse Plans and Growing Guides  Check out dozens of free plans for inexpensive hoop houses, hobby and homestead greenhouses, geodesic domes, coldframes and more at Living Green & Frugally.

The Amazing, Low Cost, Solar Heated Greenhouse or Guest House  Build your own with the help of this step-by-step guide by Kenton Knowles at Mother Earth News Magazine

Do It Yourself Greenhouse Building Plans from  Build a sturdy, 8'x10' hobby greenhouse with corrugated polycarbonate panels. These free plans from include building instructions and a material list.

A Convenient, Small, Knock-Down and Store-Away Greenhouse  Build yours with free plans, step-by-step instructions and complete material lists from the experts at Canadian Home Workshop.

Two Dozen Free Small Greenhouse Plans and Greenhouse Growers' Guides  Build your own backyard greenhouse. Get your seeds started early and then enjoy your harvest throughout the year. Here are dozens of building plans and greenhouse growing hints that should help.

Free PVC Arched Greenhouse Plans  Get free instant download plans from,, for an inexpensive hoop greenhouse and a light-weight, portable cold frame using PVC pipe. Then, click through the website section called "Submitted Pictures" for dozens of practical and fun projects and more plans created by do-it-yourself builders.

Seven Free Hoop House Style Greenhouse Plans and Greenhouse Users' Guides  Build an inexpensive hoop-style greenhouse with PVC pipes for the structure and plastic sheets for the glazing. These free plans and building guides will show how.

Build an Alaska-Style Cold Frame   Read a simple builders' and growers' guide at Sunset Magazine and then design and build your own for a long season of fresh flowers, herbs and vegetables.

Free PVC Cold Frame Plans   Get free instant download plans from,, for an inexpensive coldframe project using PVC pipe. Then, click through the website section called "Submitted Pictures" for dozens of practical and fun projects and more plans created by do-it-yourself builders.

Twenty Free, Do It Yourself Coldframe Building Plans  Extend your growing season with a cold frame, garden row covers or cloches. Here's how to build your own with free plans and guides.

Free Hobby Greenhouse Building Guide  Build it yourself from scratch, or but and assemble a greenhouse kit? Learn all of your options in the greenhouse builders guide at Extreme How-To Magazine.



Small Pole Barn Plans for Your Backyard

Backyard Mini-Barn Plans 

Build the perfect little barn for your property. Find construction blueprints for small pole barns, barn-style sheds, little pole-frame garages, all-purpose yard barns with lofts, small storage barns and little pole-frame country garages.


Free Farm and Homestead Outbuilding Plans

Carport or Open Shelter Building Guide  A carport, or covered shelter or lean-to shed, attached to an existing building can provide economical storage for vehicles, garden tractors, boats or other equipment. It can be fairly easy to construct. This step-by-step building guide by Monte Burch of Extreme How-To Magazine will show you how.

Homestead Building Designs from the Historic American Building Survey  These eighteenth and nineteenth century buildings are samples of the hundreds of farmhouse, barn and outbuilding plans that have been preserved through the HABS. You can view and print photos and print measured drawings of floor plans, exterior elevations and construction details.

Farmstead Outbuilding Plans from North Dakota State University Agricultural Extension Service  Get great ideas from free design plans and building details for useful small farm buildings: farm stands, smoke houses, chicken coops and much more.

Farmstead Barn and Backbuilding Books  Learn how to plan, build and maintain small barns and outbuildings for family farms and country homesteads. The University of North Texas provides an amazing selection of free ebooks from US Department of Agriculture archives.

Wagon Barn Designs from the Historic American Buildings Survey  Wagon barns were all purpose storage buildings usually located close to yesterday's houses. They sheltered carriages, work wagons, horses, fire wood, workshops, tools and just about anything else.




Free Smokehouse Plans

How to Build a Cedar Smokehouse  Here's a beautiful, small cold smoker that you can build from a step-by-step guide posted at Living Green & Frugally.

Free Smokehouse Plans and Building Guides  Get building plans and design ideas to help you build any of six different smokehouses.

Smokehouse Designs from the Historic American Building Survey  View photos of five different smoke houses from the early 1700s on. Then, print free plans, exterior elevations, building sections and construction details. You'll find meat smoking and salting houses built from wood, stone, brick and logs.



Instant Download Barn, Shed, Workshop and Garage Building Plans at

Barns; Sheds; Garages; Workshops  Get started on your new shed, animal shelter, cabana, small barn, garage, car barn, hobby shop, carriage house, workshop or backyard studio right now. With one order for just $29.00 you can download professional construction blueprints for over one hundred different designs. You'll be able to download any and all of the plans right away and print as many copies as you need to get permits, to get contractors' bids and for construction. The set comes with a full money-back guarantee. 


More Free Plans and Building Guides

Free Mini-Barn and Barn-Style Shed Plans  Use any of our list of plans to help build a practical country-style storage barn in your backyard. These outbuildings will shelter your small tractor, garden equipment and tools. A few of the designs come with complete material shopping lists and building instructions to make your project as easy as it can be.

Free Garage, Carriage House, Workshop and Car Barn Plans  Chick out our list of some of the best free blueprints to help you build a new one, two, three or four car garage, home workshop, car barn or coach house style garage. You'll find dozens of great designs.

Free Tractor Shed Plans  Shelter your lawn tractor, ATV, snowmobile or any small vehicle. Build any of a bunch of tractor shed designs with the help of our list of free blueprints.

Free Barn Building Guides  Learn how to build all types of barns with the help of these illustrated, step-by-step lessons. Turn any barn plan into a do-it-yourself project, save construction costs by finding out which parts of the project you can handle yourself, or learn enough to understand and follow your contractors' progress.

More Free Building Plans  Help yourself to hundreds of plans for sheds, garages, workshops, cabins, cottages, solar homes and backyard structures, offered for free by some of the Internet's top designers and publishers. Then, check out our lists of thousands of free, do it yourself woodwork, home improvement and backyard project plans too.



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Pole-Barn, Garage and Workshop Plans by Architect Don Berf

Pole-Barn Plans and Pole-Frame Garage and Workshop Plans 

Order inexpensive, practical post-frame barn blueprints, garage plans with lofts and optional add-on garages, carports, storage spaces and workshop areas. Find architect-designed woodshop designs and plans for mini-barns, hobby shops, sheds, backyard studios, she sheds, home offices and more.


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