Free DIY Water Garden Building Project Plans and Guides from Extreme How-To Magazine

Improve your landscape and garden with a water garden or Koi pond. Add a sturdy garden bridge. Create a bubbling fountain from any ceramic pot. Learn how at


Free Water Garden, Koi Pond, Landscape Fountain and Garden Bridge Plans and DIY Guides at


Pond and Water Garden Building Guide  Learn how to plan, design, build and maintain a beautiful water garden with this helpful guide from Extreme How-To Magazine. Build yours in the ground with free-form or prefabricated liners


Build a Compact Container Water Garden  No backyard? No extra landscape space? No problem. You can follow an illustrated, step-by-step guide at and create a beautiful water garden in a container.


Have a Fountain in a Ceramic Pot  Here's how to turn any ceramic pot into a bubbling fountain for your garden, deck or patio.


How to Build a Backyard Bridge  Have your walkway span a water garden, pond, creek or marshy area of your property. This illustrated guide will show you how to build your own sturdy and attractive small bridge.


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Extreme How-To sets itself apart from other home-improvement publications not only with dynamic graphic design, but also with an editorial focus that challenges its readers with professional-grade projects. Their stories focus on the tough projects often relegated to remodeling contractors but doable for the seasoned handyman. They supplement this information online:



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Yard Barn Plans

Build the perfect little barn for your Backyard. Have a shelter for your lawn tractor and a big storage loft for all of your seasonal stuff. Or, build yourself the perfect backyard studio, workshop or hobby shop. Order inexpensive plans, by architect Don Berg, for practical, flexible, little pole-barns.


Little Backyard Pole-Barn Plans by Architect Don Berg

Download 100+ Shed, Small Barn, Garage and Workshop Plans for Just $29

100+ Instant Download Building Plans: Garages; Barns; Sheds; Workshops  Get started on your new shed, cabana, barn, garage, car barn, hobby shop, carriage house, workshop or backyard studio right now. With one order for just $29.00 you can download professional construction blueprints for over one hundred different designs.