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Get Pinned! Join Some of Pinterest's Best Community Boards for Gardeners and Garden Bloggers

Share your gardening hints. Click to find and join active Pinterest group boards with other gardeners and garden bloggers who will spread your pins to the vast Pinterest community. Gardeners, get pinned! Click to find and join some of Pinterest's best community boards for gardeners, landscapers and garden bloggers. Garden bloggers, are you tired of creating great backyard garden and landscape designs and projects, taking nice photos of them, and then waiting, waiting and waiting for someone to notice them? Change that right now! Click to find and join active group boards with followers who will spread the news about your garden projects and ideas to the huge Pinterest gardening community.

Garden bloggers, are you tired of growing wonderful plants and flowers, creating beautiful landscapes and doing great backyard projects, taking nice photos, pinning them to Pinterest, and then waiting, waiting and waiting for someone to notice them? Change that right now! Join active group boards with followers who will spread the news about your garden creations to the huge Pinterest community. Just scroll down this page to learn about some hard-to-find, special community boards that can work to attract repins, likes and comments to your posts and then send visitors and followers clicking through to your blog.


Gardeners and Landscapers, are you looking for advice, hints, designs and garden improvement projects?. The Pinterest boards listed below have thousands of great ideas for you. Explore them and save your favorites to try this growing season.




General Garden Community Boards on Pinterest

Gardening Tips/Ideas 1  From decorative gardens to landscape designs to kitchen gardens, 80+ gardeners share good advice on all aspects of gardening. Check out this community board posted by Gardening Dig It.

Gardening Tips/Ideas 2  Here's another popular, all-purpose garden hint board by Gardening Dig It. Join 50+ contributora and more than 8,000 interested followers.

Great Gardens and Ideas   Mary Ann Rounseville welcomes new contributors to "Pin your favorite garden pictures, landscape designs, outdoor elements, vegetable gardens, plant photos, farm pictures, roof top gardens and botanical art". The 500+ existing contributors keep more than 43,000 followers interested.

What is Your Favorite Garden Plant of All Time?  Lawncare Plus Design moderates a relatively small group of contributors and followers who share beautiful photos and wisdom about all types of plants and flowers.

Gardening and Garden Crafts   London's Red Ted Art. hosts 30+ contributors and 230,000+ enthusiastic followers on this community board. Besides its' popularity, what sets this board apart is a bunch of ideas to make gardening fun and educational for kids.

* DIY Gardening Ideas *  Here's one of the most interesting and most helpful garden group boards on Pinterest. Moderator Kathy @ and her 130+ collaborators pin good advice, design ideas and plans for all types of garden, landscape and backyard projects.

Pinpals- What do you grow in your garden? 130+ contributors pin beautiful photographs of all types of flowers and decorative plants on Monika Freidel's collaborative board.

Beautiful Backyards  When a Pinterest community board has thousands of contributors, like this one does, pins are usually pushed down fast without getting much attention from followers. Fortunately, that doesn't seem to be the case here. The California Landscape Contractors Association runs the board and inspires great photos and good how-to advice on the pins.

How Does Your Garden Grow?   Ann Drake of On Sutton Place runs this board for folks "who love the outdoors and gardening". That's you, right? Join more than 36,000 followers and 110 contributors who pin and repin just about everything about gardens, landscapes and backyard improvements.

Garden Design   Here's a nice community board curated by Gardening. Join more than 120 pinners and 7,000 followers who love all types of garden and landscape projects.

Backyard Gardens  This classic group board, created by Darryn Stavely features 1,000+ contributors, more that 11,800 followers and inspirational photos and good advice on all types of gardens.



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Special Garden Community Boards on Pinterest

Country Cottage Gardens (and Shabby Chic Gardens)  Find beautiful gardens and great ideas on Sylvia Grant's community board. Join 160+ contributors to share your pins too.

Gardens and Tranquility  If you enjoy fairy gardens, water gardens and tranquil landscapes, this is the community board for you. Better Resume Service hosts the board's 500+ contributors and 29,000+ followers.

Container Garden Ideas  Do you have Pinterest pins or blog posts on planter gardens, small-space gardening, window boxes and DIY planters? Join 20+ contributors on this popular community board by Gardening Dig It.

Landscape Design Plans  This popular community board presents contributors landscaping hints, ideas and how-to advice and hundreds of inspirational landscape designs and garden plans. Visit the board to join Renee Clermont's contributors and followers. 

Shoot's Guest Gardening  Garden photographers love this board. It's a collection of beautiful photos of gardens, garden structures, landscapes and flowers. Click through to find information on joining 400+ contributors. And, while you're there, check out Shoot Gardening' encyclopedia of Pinterest boards on all types of plants and flowers for U.K. gardeners.

Japanese Gardens  Pinterest group board superstar Ognyan Tortorochev hosts 60+ contributors who pin stunning photos of Japanese gardens all arround the world. Need garden inspiration? This is the board for you.

~Water features for gardens!!~ The 360+ contributors on this board post pins about Koi ponds, water gardens, aquatic plants, waterfalls, fountains and more. Join them on this popular board hosted by Tranquil Wilderness.

Landscape and Garden Design Ideas  The ladies at Made From Pinterest created this board to present easy, do-it-yourself landscape ideas. It's 90+ contributors share how-to advice and photos of their favorite design ideas and creations.  




Vegetable Garden Community Boards on Pinterest

Vegetable Gardening Tips  40+ contributors post pins on everything about kitchen gardens. Join them with ideas on backyard greenhouses, all types of vegetables, herbs and small fruit, starting seeds, raised beds, critters, harvesting and much, much more.

~Backyard Vegie Gardens!!~  Here's just one of the popular collaborative gardening boards created and hosted by Tranquil Wilderness. Join or follow 400+ contributors who share great ideas and how-to advice on food gardening.

{Vegetable Garden Inspirations & Tips}  Quinn @ Reformation Acres calls herself a "Simple living homesteader's wife and mother to a bunch of kids" Who better to run a community board on growing food? You can join 40+ contributors and over 10,000 interested followers on this informative board.

Gardening for Food  The description on One Acre Farm's board says it all: "How to grow edibles: vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, herbs, mushrooms. Organic, environmentally friendly, permaculture, composting, root cellars, greenhouses, etc" If that's what you're interested in you might want to follow the board or join the 20 active contributors.

Seed Saving  Learn all about saving vegetable, herb, fruit and flower seeds or share what you already know. This interesting board, hosted by Homestead Lady, has 20+ contributors.

Garden Ideas  Don't let the name fool you. This board is not about planting pansies. It is about putting your yard to work at producing food and adding to your self sufficiency. 50+ contributors post do-it-yourself projects and how-to advice on Survival Life's community board.

Unusual Fruits and Vegetables for the Home Grower  Tanya @ Lovley Greans Created a fascinating community board for food gardeners. You can find good advice on growing, harvesting and cooking tomatoes all over Pinterest. but what about glass gem corn, pine berries, noodlebeans and cucamelons?  If you are interested in unusual foods for your kitchen garden, this is the board for you.



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