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Get Pinned! Join Some of Pinterest's Best Community Boards for Food Bloggers, Cooks and Bakers

Share your best recipes. Click to find and join active Pinterest group boards with other cooks, bakers and food bloggers who will spread your pins to the vast Pinterest community. Food bloggers, are you tired of creating wonderful recipes and beautiful food photographs, pinning them on Pinterest, and then waiting, waiting and waiting for someone to notice them? Change that right now! Join active group boards where followers will spread the news about your creations to the huge Pinterest community. Get Pinned! Join Some of Pinterest's Best Community Boards for Food Bloggers, Cooks and Bakers

Food bloggers, are you tired of creating wonderful recipes and beautiful food photographs, pinning them on Pinterest, and then waiting, waiting and waiting for someone to notice them? Change that right now! Join active group boards where followers will spread the news about your creations to the huge Pinterest community. Just scroll down this page to learn about some hard-to-find community boards that have the special ingredients that will attract repins, likes and comments to your posts and then send visitors and followers to your blog.

Cooks and Bakers, are you looking for new ideas for great meals, snacks and deserts? The Pinterest boards listed below have thousands of great recipes for you. Explore them and save your favorites to try and then to use again and again.




General Recipe Community Boards on Pinterest

Fabulous Food  Ronda Tatum is one of the best community board curators on Pinterest, and this is her most popular board for food bloggers. Check out her other food boards too, for ideas on just how to present your recipes.

Trendsetter Inspiration  Cost Plus World Market hosts 50+ contributors who show how they use the store's gadgets and tableware. Most of the pins are by foodies who show off their interesting recipes too.

Easy Skillet Dinners  How good are you with a skillet?  Join the 60+ contributors on McCormick Spices group board, create great recipes using their products and be showered with likes and repins.

Favorite Food Recipes Group Board  720+ contributors and 9,800+ followers make this board a great place for you to pin to and repin from. It's hosted by Laurie Baumgartner Pinze.

!~1 POT_1 PAN MEALS~!  Everyone on Pinterest seems to love one-pot meals. The Purple Kitchen's group board has 470+ contributors and thousands of followers. If you've got great recipes for them, this is the board for you.   

Foodie Stuff  59,000+ followers on Rynnah's board make it a great place to post and repin all types of recipes and cooking hints.

**Food Blogger Favorites**  The Cookie Rookie's group board has 60+ contributors for now, but that won't last long. 24,000+ interested followers and a nice assortment of recipes are sure too entice more contributors. You might want to be one of them.

Insanely Delicious Recipes *** Pin It Forward! Jeannie Guzman curates a bunch of great food community boards. This is one of her most popular. She encourages her 190+ contributors to post the best looking pins and to share each others' recipes. Find out how to join by reading her "Add Me" Requests board. 

The Other F- Word: "Food"  Tej Patel's board is simply about Food, Sweets and Cupcakes. His 150+ contributors, from all around the world, love that stuff and Patel's beautiful food photos.



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Healthy Recipe Community Boards on Pinterest

17 Day Diet Cycle 1 Beginner's Board  50+ contributors love this diet plan and post recipes that work with it. If you're looking for an interesting diet and have healthy recipes to share, you should check this out. You'll be amazed at how popular the recipes are. The community board is hosted by My 17 Day Diet Blog.

Absolutely Paleo  If you're interested in no-nonsense Paleo recipes you'll want to check out and join a dedicated bunch of collaborators on this group board hosted by Ditch The Carbs.

Diabetes - Low Carb  Recipes posted here need to be sugar free, grain free and low carb. Given those restrictions, it's amazing what folks create. Join 70+ contributors and more than 12,000 followers who share delicious ideas for diabeticsafe food.

Ditch The Carbs Followers: Recipes & Ideas  You're invited to share your low-carb recipes  with 13,000+ followers

Clean Eating Recipes  Pins on community boards with a large number of contributors seem to move out of followers view quickly without getting much attention. Fortunately, that doesn't seem to be the case for Healing Gourmet' 8,800+ contributor board. Good quality recipes get repinned, liked and commented on for weeks and weeks. 




Special Recipe Community Boards on Pinterest 

Kraft Cool Whip Frosting  A lot of people love Kool Whip. If you use it in your deserts, why not show them off? SoFabConnect hosts a board with 50+ contributors and a bunch of lurking foodies just waiting to see your creations.

Fig Lovers  350+ Contributers and 6,600+ followers make Valley Fig Growers board active and interesting. Love figs? This is the place to post your recipes.

!~FOREIGN + ETHNIC FOOD YUMS~!  Amy at The Purple Kitchen cooks up some unusual and unusually popular foodie boards. Her core of more than 400 active contributors post some very interesting recipes. If your specialty is any type of ethnic food, you should check out this board.

!~SAUCES, condiments, dressings, dips, spices, herbs, marinades, jams, glazes, infusions, & any kind of flavor-making dish/drink enhancement~!  The name says it all. Some of your best recipes call for special sauces, right? Why not show them off with their own recipes. Amy at The Purple Kitchen moderates 400+ contributors and welcomes new ones like you.

Chocolate Desserts  Lilly Sacks group board for chocolaholics is packed with fascinating recipes and beautiful photos. Ask to join her 190+ contributors if you have great chocolate recipes to add.

Tex-Mex Cusine: Pin Your Best  This is one of the oldest recipe boards on Pinterest and still one of the best. Chris Walker's "the more the merrier" Texas hospitality seems to inspire the board's 1,700+ contributors and 41,000+ followers. The recipes, and folks' response to them, are terrific.

Southern Comfort  With very few contributors, getting accepted to this community might be like getting accepted to Duke. Still, if you've established a great blog with great southern recipes, it's well worth a try. Followers' response to new pins is terrific. If you cook with a twang and are from the South, y'all might have a chance. The board is hosted by Melissa's Southern Style Kitchen. 

Fun Foods  Cooking Light Magazine hosts this group board with recipes for "favorite fun foods for kids or adults—from cute party foods to holiday treats and more". Join 90+ contributors and more than 154,000 followers.

Just Desserts  Pins on the big food community boards with thousands of contributors tend to be pushed down the page quickly and disappear with little or no attention. This board, by Wrapped in Rust, is an exception. Its' 87,000+ lavish repins, likes and comments on a bunch of delicious recipes.

999 Ways to Cook Chicken and Turkey  Don't be misled by the title. Jeannie Guzman and her 100+ contributors show off more than 5,000 great recipes on this popular board. If you've got some good ones to post, read Jeannie's "Add Me" Requests to learn how to join.

Drink  The 50+ contributors on Reese Caplan's community board share cocktail recipes and beautiful photos. For non-acholic drink recipes check out Smoothies + Mocktails + Caffine

Dessert Recipes  Do you have great dessert recipes that you want to show off? Vera Zecevic group board is a great option for that. Her 50+ contributors introduce all types of great treats to over 78,000 followers. Check out Vera's other popular foodie group boards too.



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