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Get Pinned! Join Some of Pinterest's Best Community Boards for DIYers and Do-It-Yourself Bloggers

Great project. Nice photo. So what??? DIY bloggers, are you getting likes and repins for your creations? Try joining some of the most active do-it-yourself group boards on Pinterest. Just click to find some of the best. Get Pinned! Click to find and join some of Pinterest's best community boards for do-it-yourselfers and DIY bloggers. DIY bloggers, are you tired of creating great projects and nice photographs, pinning them on Pinterest, and then waiting, waiting and waiting for someone to notice them? Change that right now! Click to find and join active group boards with followers who will spread the news about your projects to the huge Pinterest do-it-yourselfer community.

DIY bloggers, are you tired of creating great projects and nice photographs, pinning them on Pinterest, and then waiting, waiting and waiting for someone to notice them? Change that right now! Join active group boards with followers who will spread the news about your creations to the huge Pinterest community. Just scroll down this page to learn about some hard-to-find community boards that have the special ingredients that will attract repins, likes and comments to your posts and then send visitors and followers to your blog.


Do-It-Yourselfers, are you looking for your next project? The Pinterest boards listed below have thousands of great ideas, lessons, plans and step-by-step demos for you. Explore them, save your favorites and build away.




General Do It Yourself Community Boards on Pinterest

Mr. and Mrs. DIY  New contributors are invited to their popular craft community boards on woodworking, crafts, gardening, auto repair, home and backyard improvements and much, much more.  

Craft and DIY Project Ideas  DY Ready I Projects + Crafts has just 30 or so contributors to this group board but they are some of the most respected folks on Pinterest. They pin high quailty do-it-yourself and craft ideas and turorials that keep more than 50,000 followers interested and active.

DIY Projects  Pinterest's Survival Life focuses on preparedness, but its followers include homesteaders, campers, gardeners, folks who dream about living off-grid and many, many others.  Their open-to-all group board presents onteresting, practical and unusual DIY projects to more that 27,000 folowers.

DIY Home and Craft Ideas  Here's a community board with thousands of craft and do-it-yourself project pins and more than 23,000 interested followers. It is hosted by Lucy Cook. and has more than 190 contributors.

Ultimate DIY  Here's a  Pinterest community board that's packed with project plans and do-it-yourself ideas that followers love. It's moderated by Manika at and has over 400 collaborators.



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Single Topic DIY Community Boards on Pinterest

DIY Home Decor  Join 70+ contributors and 10,000+ followers on this active board that's packed with practical do-it-yourself ideas and great looking projects.

Recycle - Repurpose - Reuse  If you've explored Pinterest, you know that there are a lot of people on it who are very talented at making new junk out of old junk. This board is not for them. It's a collection of many attractive and practical DIY projects made from recycled materials. Hosted by Rasberry Moon, it has more than 300 contributors and more than 38,000 active followers.

Clever 2nd Uses  Folks on Pinterest love to recycle and love to find practical new ways to use common household items. This board, by Who Knew?, gives them plenty of ideas. If you have some new ideas for the 8,700+ followers, you should try to join it.

DIY Party Ideas  Here's an online Pinterest Party hosted by Michele Yates and joined by close to a thousand contributors and fifty thousand followers. If you have great ideas on party food, DIY decorations, games and such, just ask for an invitation.

DIY Bloggers  Francesca at created this community board for established bloggers who have do-it-yourself tutorials to share. If that's you, try to join. The more than 575,000 followers are waiting for your ideas.

DIY Home Decor  Contributors to this popular board take home decorating into their own hands and then share their creations and ideas. If that sounds like sometning for you, join the 10,000+ followers and then try to join as a contributor.

DIY Furniture Ideas  More than 900 contributors, 45,500 followers and hundreds of great project ideas make this board popular and active. Michele Yates moderates it and invites you to message her if you want to join.




Special Do It Yourself Community Boards on Pinterest

Pin-Fail  Have you tried Pinterest advice or tutorials that just don't work? Here's a way to turn your failures into fun pins and to save others from the same fate. Amy Renea hosts this fascinating community board with help from 30+ contributors and comments, comments and more comments from the board's 6,000+ followers.

Backyard Ideas  DY Ready I Projects + Crafts has just 20 or so contributors to this group board, but they include some of the most respected folks on Pinterest. They pin high quality backyard project do-it-yourself ideas and tutorials that keep more than 47,000 followers interested and active.

#Random Tips & Tricks  This community board, created by Janet Caen, lets contributors introduce pin about all types of time and money saving DIY ideas for the benefit of more than 8,200 followers.   



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