Historic American Home Styles



What style is your home? See for yourself on The Old House Web.


What style is your home? See for yourself at OldHouseWeb.com


Explore the exciting world of old house remodeling and restoration with the Old House Web home improvement site. The Old House Web is your source for everything old house-related, including interior and exterior design, how-to tutorials, yard and garden ideas, and product reviews.


In their housing styles section, they present early homes ranging from 17th century vernacular homes through popular early 20th century housing styles. Here are some samples:


Housing Styles: Saltbox 1650-1830
Practical style defined by sloping gable roof


Vernacular Farmhouse 1700-1910
Simple and functional, this house often has a characteristic "L" or "T" shape


Stately Brick, Symmetrical Lines Define Georgian Colonial Style
In the 18th Century the Georgian style of architecture played a dominant role in Great Britain,

and later the American colonies.


Greek Revival, 1820-1850
Style celebrating the birth of Democracy sweeps the nation


The Carpenter Gothic, 1840-1870
The advent of power saws and balloon framing spawned colorful cottages.


Cracker Farmhouses: 1840 - 1920
Practical style makes a comfortable comeback in 21st century


Octagon House: 1850-1860
Eight-sided architectural style enjoyed brief popularity


Housing Styles: Italianate, 1850-1890
Brackets and wide cornices distinguish these Victorian homes


False Front 1860-1905
Giving buildings an illusion of grandeur


Housing Styles: Queen Anne 1880-1910 (Part 1)  (Part 2)  (Part 3)
Elaborate Victorians captured imaginations, hearts of Americans

Victorian Shingle Style Houses, 1880-1900
Queen Anne Victorians take a Summer Retreat


The American Foursquare, 1890-1930s
American as apple pie -- and just as popular


The Prairie Style house, 1900-1920
Frank Lloyd Wright's architectural revolution


Check out more house styles to find your own home.





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